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The counterbalanced pallet stackers of the L06 – L16 AC are an effective handling solution if there is too little space available to use a truck or if the transport distance is too short for the electric forklift truck. The operator profits from easy steering and a small turning radius. Automatic speed reduction when cornering and a good view of the load through the mast are additional safety features. The slim chassis is strong and torsion-resistant.


The tiller design protects the operators’ hands. All important control elements can be operated with gloves. At the same time, an automatic speed reduction provides stability when cornering. Operator and load are not endangered. If the operator activates the emergency stop button, the truck brakes in accordance with the load weight. Last but not least, founded chassis shapes and the deep-drawn lower edge of the chassis protect the operator from injuries.

  • Ergonomic tiller handles with hand protection
  • Automatic speed reduction when cornering
  • Electro-hydraulic, load-proportional emergency brake
  • Rounded shape without sharp edges
  • Deep-drawn chassis edge

All control elements are arranged to be intuitive and user-friendly. In addition, the lift mast is very precisely controlled using the tiller. This combination makes the working day easier. The same applies to the skin-friendly material of the handles. It provides for pleasant and slip-free operation. The rounded chassis shape, the clear view mast and the wide, deep storage compartments help the operator to work productively.

  • Control elements are arranged to be intuitive and user-friendly
  • Handles of skin-friendly material
  • Clear view mast
  • Rounded chassis shape without sharp edges

Short distances, confined warehouses: under these challenging conditions the counterbalanced pallet stackers ensure high handling performance. This is why they have a proportional OptiLift system. With it, load handling is precise and sensitive. The operator can also operate the tiller and all lifting functions completely intuitively. Placing loads into stock and also removing them from stock is quick and easy. The high performance 3 kW AC motor and the narrow chassis make work under challenging conditions easy.

  • Powerful 3 kW three-phase motor
  • Electrical, smooth steering
  • Sensitive, precise and safe load handling
  • Intuitive operation of the tiller and all lifting functions

The digital multifunction instrument display with alarm function, service display, battery status and operating hour counter informs the operator of all important machine parameters. And service technicians profit from the CAN bus connection: After connecting a laptop, all of the machine data can be read out and analyzed. All machine components relevant to service are easily accessible. The maintenance-free, moisture and dust resistant three-phase motor increases the availability of the pallet stacker.

  • Digital multi-function display
  • CAN bus connection for the readout of the machine data
  • Machine components relevant to servicing are easily accessible
  • Maintenance-free, moisture and dust resistant 3 kW three-phase motor

technical data

Model Load capacity/Load Load centre distance Lift Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h) Travel speed, with/without load
L06AC 0.6 (t) 1924 (mm) 1924 (mm) 24 / 230 (V)/(Ah) 6 / 5 (km/h)
L10AC 1.0 (t) 1924 (mm) 24 / 375 (V)/(Ah) 6 / 5 (km/h)
L12AC 1.2 (t) 1924 (mm) 24 / 460 (V)/(Ah) 6 / 5 (km/h)
L16AC 1.6 (t) 1844 (mm) 24 / 460 (V)/(Ah) 6 / 5 (km/h)

optional equipmentoptional equipment

Holder for bar code reader and data terminal

The fit-for-purpose ergonomics of the compartments make work more efficient and maximize the handling capacity. Special holders suitable for various data terminals and bar code readers.

Cold store protection to -35°C

The cold store protection guarantees full availability and performance of the pallet stacker up to minus 35 degrees Celsius.

Load backrest

The load backrest stabilizes the load when the load carrier is raised, so it cannot slip backward.

Lift Speed Booster

For high lift applications there is an optional Lift Speed Booster to increase the lift speed by 40 percent.

Tiltable mast (+ 1° / - 6°) (available on L10/12/16 Ac)

The tilt control of the lifting mast is perfect for the transport of pallets, rolls and boxes. There is a choice of one-way and two-way tilt control. The one-way control controls the forward tilt and aids in loading. The two-way control also enables backward tilt, which makes the transport of many transport goods easier. The tilt makes it harder for the goods to slide, and the load cannot fall forward during braking.

Lateral battery replacement (3 & 4 Pzs)

The lateral battery replacement with roller bearings enables quick changes for use in multiple shifts. When laterally changing a battery using a roller conveyor in the battery compartment, a lever aides the battery replacement system in pulling the battery onto a mobile or fixed stand.

Soft Landing function for the fork carriage

The Soft Landing function prevents a jerking motion when depositing the load and any associated damage. It automatically reduces the lift speed before reaching the floor and sets the load down softly.

Vertical battery change (5 Pzs in L16 Ac)

Servicing and battery changes take time. There are multiple options for changing the battery. In addition to the standard vertical change, the machine can also be equipped with a roller conveyor in the battery compartment for optional side change, and a lever for the battery replacement system. The battery is easily pulled onto a mobile or fixed battery stand.