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H20 – H25 EVO A Cost-Effective Power Pack

Efficient Technology for Improved Productivity

The IC trucks in the H20 – H25 EVO range are impressively robust, cost-effective, and safe. Powerful engines and the hydrostatic direct drive – which operates without a transmission or drum brakes – combine to achieve exceptional operational performance. The Linde Protector Frame protects the driver, as the roof and frame form an enclosed unit. The maintenance-free bearing of the axles and tilt cylinders reduces operating costs while increasing turnover. The robust H20 – H25 IC trucks are well-suited to harsh outdoor conditions.


The Linde Protector Frame forms an enclosed safety area around the driver, yet, thanks to the slim profile of the lift mast, the driver still retains good visibility to the front and on all sides. The low-lying center of gravity and high-mounted steering axle bracket ensure greater stability, and in turn greater safety. What's more, the truck is very quiet, allowing the drivers to better concentrate on what's happening around them, and the safety features are complemented by Linde Curve Assist, that regulates speed when cornering.

  • Curve Assist
  • Linde Engine Protection System (LEPS)
  • high mounted tilting cylinders
  • steering angle indicator
  • optimal vision thanks to slim mast profile

Every control element within the IC truck is optimized for the driver: the spacious cab with generous leg room offers plenty of space while every control element remains easily within reach, the suspension seat is easy on the back, and the rubber bearing decoupled drive axle reduces the impact of shocks. What's more, the truck can be effortlessly controlled using the Linde Load Control for all mast functions and the smooth-running dual pedal control.

  • Ergonomic cab and seat design
  • Reduced travel surface vibrations
  • Exceptional all-round visibility
  • Smooth and precise steering
  • Minimal driving noise

The H20 – H25 IC trucks boast a powerful drive, yet remain cost-effective in operation. This is made possible by high-torque diesel, propellant gas, or natural gas engines, while the hydrostatic direct drive simultaneously ensures a responsive, smooth, and precise driving experience. The Linde Load Control allows the driver to control all lifting mast functions to a high degree of precision, meaning operational performance is always on the rise.

  • Modern high torque engines
  • Hydrostatic drive for precise movement
  • Millimeter-precise, safe load handling

All of the components of this IC truck are designed for short downtime and long service intervals. This is supported by an efficient filter system that ensures that the hydraulic oil can continue to be used for longer, meaning an oil change only becomes necessary after 6000 operating hours. Similarly, the first engine oil change is required after 1000 operating hours, and a drive belt replacement after 3000 hours. Several components, such as the axle and the mast and tilt cylinder bearings require no servicing at all.

  • (NL) Lange onderhoudsintervallen
  • (NL) Onderhoudsvrije bewegingsdelen
  • (NL) Gemakkelijke onderhoudstoegang
  • (NL) Lagere bijkomende kosten

technical data

Model Load capacity/Load Load centre distance Height of overhead guard (Cabin) Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h) Travel speed, with/without load
H20/600 CNG 2.0 (t) 600 (mm) 2170 (mm) (FR) 600 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H20/600D 2.0 (t) 600 (mm) 2170 (mm) (FR) 600 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H20/600T 2.0 (t) 600 (mm) 2170 (mm) (FR) 600 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H25 CNG 2.5 (t) 600 (mm) 2170 (mm) (FR) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H25D 2.5 (t) 600 (mm) 2170 (mm) (FR) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H25T 2.5 (t) 600 (mm) 2170 (mm) (FR) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)

optional equipmentoptional equipment

Linde Safety Pilot

In counterbalanced forklift trucks, the use of the Linde Safety Pilot helps to avoid tipping accidents.