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The Linde K man-up turret truck enables high turnaround capacity for order picking and handling processes in high-shelving warehouses. The powerful drive trains make this possible: The truck can move and lift at the same time. Also, even at high lift levels the speed remains high and a high level of residual lift capacity is available. Various assistance systems are available that help to navigate accurately through warehouse or to avoid obstacles. Not least, Linde System Control improves the process: Dependent upon the version, the system adjusts lift and travel speed according to the weight being transported. There are various versions or the mast, chassis, battery and cab for the very narrow aisle trucks that can be combined according to usage requirements


The driver must make contact with three points, otherwise he will be unable to move the combi truck: the hand sensors on the control panel as well as the dead-man’s switch on the cab floor. This prevents incorrect operation that may lead to accidents. For the safety of the driver, there are also electrically monitored side cabinets that must be closed when the platform height is above 1.2 meters. The optional personnel protection system continuously scans the aisle and stops the truck if people are in the vicinity. For additional safety, an optional Aisle Safety Assistant detects RFID tagged, or barcode-marked unevenness, obstacles in the shelving, on the floor or on the ceiling and automatically limits the speed, lift height or forks extension at these locations. Service technicians can program general travel, lift and lowering end stops in the truck system, which can be adjusted. The assistance system “Linde System Control”, in the standard, load, and weight versions, assists the driver by adjusting speed and optimizing driving behavior depending on the lifting height, load recognition, and load weight.

  • Three point operation
  • Electrically monitored side cabinets
  • Aisle safety assistant
  • Pre-adjustable travel, lift and lowering end stops.
  • Optional personnel protection system
  • Linde System Control (Standard, Load, Weight)
  • Dynamic Reach Control
  • Rescue Alarm

The new control panel has an ergonomic design. In addition, its position can be adjusted across three axes – for example to aid comfortable working in both a standing and sitting position. The driver can also adjust the height and incline of the folding seat. The color display of the control panel shows all the important information such as the time, speed, lifting height and steering angle at a glance. To make work easier, several storage options are available in the large and draft protected cab. The chassis and the cab are decoupled from each other so that less shock is transmitted to the driver. Tilting side barriers are also available as an option. They swing outwards if the driver leans on them. This decreases his distance from the shelving and makes order picking easier for the operator.

  • The control panel’s height, incline, and angle can be adjusted
  • Split control panel for whole-pallet handling, particularly in a sitting position
  • Large cabin with the best view of lifting and loading
  • Height, incline, and seat are angle individually adjustable
  • Storage options available
  • Option for a tilt barrier
  • Knee cushion for comfortable order picking

Even at high lift levels, the modern drive train technology of the man-up truck can achieve high speed. In addition, there is high residual lift capacity as well as modern RFID assistance systems, enabling navigation in the warehouse and handling on the shelving to be carried out more quickly. When using the Linde connect: fleet management system it is also possible to optimize the whole usage cycle of the trucks. Additional support for handling is provided by functions such as automatic lift height pre-selection and automatic forks cycle. In this process, the truck automatically carries out three movements during pallet placement or removal at the press of a button. In the new version of the K truck the main and auxiliary lifts can be raised or lowered simultaneously. This allows the driver to reach high-bays in a single step without having to operate the main and auxiliary lifts successively. The forks can also be put into position considerably more quickly through simultaneous control and can be controlled very easily at a convenient height. The energy generated by braking and lowering the load is restored to the battery. This improves usage duration and cost effectiveness equally.

  • High speed at high lift levels
  • Modern assistance systems
  • Several positioning aids

The robust technology of the Linde K man-up truck represents low service costs and a long useful life. Its CAN bus connection enables technical problems to be rapidly diagnosed and rectified using a notebook. Like the three phase motors for lift and movement, both of the independent braking systems are wear and therefore maintenance free. Using the optionally available battery carriage frame lateral battery changing is completed rapidly.

  • CAN bus connection
  • Low ware braking system
  • Quicker battery replacement

technical data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift End aisle width,with/without load Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h) Travel speed, with/without load
K-Example 1.1 1.1 (t) 7200 (mm) 3808 (mm) 80 / 620 (V)/(Ah) 12 / 12 (km/h)
K-Example 1.5 1.5 (t) 11800 (mm) 4042 (mm) 80 / 775 (V)/(Ah) 12 / 12 (km/h)

optional equipmentoptional equipment

Active Stability Control

Active Stability Control is an intelligent assistance system that detects unevenness between the left and right sides of the aisle and automatically compensates for shocks and vibrations so that the truck can achieve its maximum handling performance even on less than optimal floors.

Operating panels

For the cab there is a front or divided operating panel available. Both variants can be adjusted quickly for working in the standing or sitting position. The integrated full-color display provides the driver with all the relevant information at a glance: from the speed of the forklift and the lifting height to the steering angle and the time of day.


Lane warning device Linde BlueSpot™ Enhances safety during operation as the LED spot makes the forklift noiselessly visible.

Aisle Safety Assistant

The assistance system detects barcodes or RFID tags in the aisle which mark unevenness in the floor, as well as obstacles in the shelving or on the ceiling and restricts truck functions, such as lift or driving speed, lift height or forks extension at these specific locations.

Warehouse Navigation

The forklift receives movement tasks via the cusotmer's warehouse management system. Using barcodes or RFID tags, the system determines the location in the aisle and measures the current lift height. Based on this information, it guides the truck automatically to the desired pallets location. The driver only has to operate the drive function.

Fleet Management

How and by whom are the individual forklifts used? What do the usage data of the forklifts look like, and is each one roadworthy? Using a combination of software and hardware, connect: provides the appropriate answers.

Linde System Control (LSC)

The system provides improved throughput rates and enhanced safety. The LSC Standard basic version indicates to the driver the residual lift capacity for the particular lift height. Enhanced LSC versions adapt additional lift and/or travel speed to the weight of the load being transported.

Modular truck design

The forklift can be adapted in various ways. There are therefore various motors, batteries, lift masts and chassis available. Linde can also individually configure the driver’s cab with different seat variants and storage facilities. This enables more than 10 million configuration variations.

Tilting barriers

If the driver leans on the barrier, it tilts outwards by 10 cm. This enables him to reach the racking better, making the order picking easier.

Mirror module

The equipment package includes a large rear-view mirror as well as sideways working lights to illuminate the working surroundings in the racking. There is also an optional ventilation system available to cool the driver when working at high lift levels in hot weather

Cold storage protection

Amongst other things, the forklifts are operated with special hydraulic fluid and lubricants and receive a corrosion proof coating. Additionally there is the option to choose from a variety of enclosed, insulated cabs.