Specialized in the sale of forklifts of LINDE and TOYOTA

SJ6832 RTE

  • Drivable at full height with roll out deck fully extended
  • Crossover symmetrical 4WD
  • 1.52 m roll out extension deck
  • 16hp AC electric motor with motor controller
  • 48V 250Ah battery pack
  • Low voltage battery protection
  • Multiple wet disc spring applied, hydraulic release (SAHR) brakes
  • AC power to platform
  • 45% Gradeability
  • Foam filled grip lug non-marking tyres
  • Tilt alarm with drive & lift cut-out
  • Lanyard attachment points
  • Overload sensing system
  • Lowering warning system
  • Scissor guards
  • Operator horn
  • Hinged railing system
  • Forklift pockets and tie down/lift lugs
  • Full height spring-hinged gate at rear of unit
  • Relay based control system
  • Color coded and numbered wiring


Work Height 11.75 m
Raised Platform Height 9.75 m
Lowered Platform Height 1.37 m
Overall Width 1.76 m
Overall Length 2.72 m (*3.35 m)
Stowed Height (Rails Up) 2.51 m
Stowed Height (Rails Down) 1.75 m
Platform Width (Inside Dimension) 1.42 m
Platform Length (Inside Dimension) 2.44 m
Extension Deck 1.52 m
Ground Clearance 0.20 m
Wheelbase 2.04 m
Weight 3778 kg (*3844 kg)
Gradeability 45%
Turning Radius (Inside) 1.52 m
Turning Radius (Outside) 3.96 m
Lift Time (With Rated Load) 39 m
Lower Time (With Rated Load) 36 sec
Drive Speed (Stowed) 5.6 km/h
Drive Speed (Raised) 0.6 km/h
Maximum Drive Height Full Height
Capacity (Overall) 454 kg
Distributed Capacity (Main Platform) 318kg
Distributed Capacity (Extension Deck) 136 kg
Local Floor Load (With Rated Load) 1269 kPa
Overall Floor Load (With Rated Load) 13 kPa
Maximum # of Persons 4/4 (to 7.92m) 2 (to 9.75m)
Tyre Type Foam Filled Non-Marking
Tyre Size 26 x 12