Specialized in the sale of forklifts of LINDE and TOYOTA
  • 2000 kg
  • 300 Ah
  • Smart
  • 6 km / h

BT Levio electric pallet truck 2 tons

Are you looking for an easy-to-use solution for all kinds of internal transport applications? Designed with safety as a starting point, the BT Levio electric pallet trucks are easy to use and equipped with an ergonomic steering arm with electronic finger tip control. In limited spaces the pallet truck is very easy to maneuver when the steering arm is raised (Click-2-Creep).
Suitable applications: Retail, Warehouse, Production

Product specification

Model: LWE200
Smart package: Telematics hardware included
Start up: With pin code
Drive wheel: Topthane
Swivel castor: Polyurethane
Limit: Steel
Lever: Standard
Fork width: 550 mm
Fork length: 1150 mm
Fork wheels: Polyurethane single fork wheel
Energy package: Battery 24 V / 225 Ah, Charger included


Main assets
  • For intensive use with heavy loads
  • Finger tip control for driving, lifting and lowering with unique Click-2-Creep function
  • Clearview mast offers a good view of the load and the fork points
  • Finger tip control
  • Smart truck: easy to connect, control and improve
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