Specialized in the sale of forklifts of LINDE and TOYOTA
  • 1600 kg
  • 7500 mm
  • 620 Ah
  • 24 volts
  • Smart

BT Reflex reach truck 1.6 ton for intensive applications with super-elastic tires

Are you looking for a versatile reach truck? Thanks to super-elastic tires that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this reach truck is suitable for all kinds of applications: block stacking, filling of racks that are outside or unloading trucks.

Suitable applications: Outdoor, Warehouse, Production


Main assets
  • Versatile reach truck for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fully enclosed cabin for more comfort when working outside
  • Super-elastic tires for working on uneven floors
  • Particularly ergonomically equipped driver compartment
  • Smart truck: easy to connect, control and improve
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