Specialized in the sale of forklifts of LINDE and TOYOTA
  • 1200 kg
  • Smart
  • 8 km / h

BT Staxio ‘Double Stacker’ stacker with platform and extendable mast 1.2 ton

The combination of a compact stacker and flexible reach truck results in a versatile solution that can handle every kind of pallet. This stacker with platform is ideal for use in narrow aisles, saving storage space and costs.

Suitable applications: Warehouse, Production


Main assets
  • Combines the compactness of a stacker with the flexibility of a reach truck
  • For handling of double pallets with extendable mast
  • Adjustable width across the forks
  • Click-2-Creep creep speed function
  • Smart truck: easy to connect, control and improve