Specialized in the sale of forklifts of LINDE and TOYOTA
  • 2000 kg
  • 2500 mm
  • Smart
  • 10 km / h

BT Staxio stacker with platform 2.0 ton ‘Double Stacker’

Are you looking for an efficient solution for intensive loading and unloading or for ‘double stacking’? Our BT Staxio SPE200D ‘Double Stacker’ with driver platform is fast during horizontal transport and offers smooth, stable stacking options. Thanks in part to a large battery capacity and lateral battery exchange, the BT Staxio will significantly increase your productivity.

Suitable applications: Retail, Warehouse, Production


Main assets
  • Suitable for loading / unloading, use in trucks and horizontal transport
  • Folding driver's platform
  • Click-2-Creep maneuverability and BT Powerdrive for ease of use
  • 5-point chassis for excellent stability and control
  • Smart truck: easy to connect, control and improve
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