Specialized in the sale of forklifts of LINDE and TOYOTA
  • 2000 kg
  • 4050 mm
  • Smart
  • 6 km / h

BT Staxio stacker with platform and lifting legs 2.0 tons

Are you looking for a stacking solution for long distances? Our BT Staxio stackers have platforms for the driver and are fast and stable under all circumstances. Thanks to the lifting support legs, they can be used on uneven surfaces and slopes.

Suitable applications: Warehouse, Production


Main assets
  • Suitable for working on uneven floors, long distances and intensive stacking applications
  • Folding driver's platform
  • For use on uneven floors and for handling double pallets
  • Click-2-Creep creep speed function
  • Smart truck: easy to connect, control and improve
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