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Lowered BT Lifter for pallets with low headroom

Do you want to handle pallets with a low headroom? The BT Lifter Ultra Low low-lifting pallet is specially designed for low lifting, with a fork height of only 75 mm lowered. As with all our BT Lifter pallet models, this version is designed for a long service life and a safe and reliable service.

Suitable applications: Retail, Warehouse, Production

Product specification

Model: LHM230U
Lever: Standard handle
Fork width: 520 mm
Fork length: 1150 mm
Fork wheels: Nylon single fork wheel
Steering wheels: Nylon steering wheel


Main assets
  • Rounded fork tips to easily take low obstacles
  • Maintenance-free busses in the front clutch system
  • Custom configurations and designs are available on request
  • It lasts five times longer than other brands
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