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  • 1500 kg
  • 7500 mm
  • 500 Ah
  • 48 volt

Toyota Traigo 48 electric forklift 3-wheel 1.5 ton

Are you looking for an agile truck that can be used in tight environments? Maneuverability is the starting point in the design of the Toyota Traigo 48 with 3-wheel chassis, so that the truck can easily be used in tight environments with the highest productivity. This means that the Toyota Traigo 48 is just as effective when stacking pallets outside as on the loading dock inside.
Suitable applications: Outdoor, Warehouse, Production


Main assets
  • The three-wheeled chassis ensures maximum maneuverability and is suitable for light to medium internal transport applications.
  • Highly performing and energy efficient, especially in combination with the optional Li-ion battery for intensive applications
  • Equipped with Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability)
  • Excellent view of fork points at any height for safe driving and reliable maneuvering
  • Winner of the IF Product Design award 2009
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