Gespecialiseerd in material handling van LINDE en TOYOTA


  • Interne referentie:7945
  • Hefvermogen:1600 kg
  • Hefhoogte:3364 mm
  • Doorrijhoogte:1990 mm
  • Bouwjaar:2021
  • Motor:Elektrisch
  • Functies:2
  • Banden:Polyurethane


Standard Equipment
Sinergo®, the operator/truck interface:
Power assisted steering
Long tiller with low mounting point
Creep speed control
Linde Safety-Lift
End-of-stroke resistance
Dedicated work station (with storage compartments)
OptiLift® proportional lift system on the tiller head
Mast protection (polycarbonate or steel mesh)
Multifunction coloured display with weighing device as well as
hourmeter, maintenance indication, battery discharge indicator
and internal fault code indication
Weighing device information from the ground up to 1500 mm
with +/- 50 kg accurancy
2,3 kW AC motor (maintenance free)
CAN bus technology
Vertical battery change 2 PzS (3 PzS on the 2 t version)
Positive steering (drive wheel) feedback
Automatic speed reduction when cornering
Electromagnetic emergency brake
Key switch or LFMgo (PIN-code access)
Cushion drive wheel
Polyurethane single load wheels
Single castor wheel (1.4 t and 1.6 t versions)
Double castor wheels (2 t version)
Width over fork carriage: 560 mm, 680 mm (1.4 t and 1.6 t
versions) or 580 mm (2 t version)
Fork carriage length/thickness:
1150 mm/71 mm or 55 mm (preferred while using gitter
box), 1150 mm/73 mm on 2 t version
Protection -10°C


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