Gespecialiseerd in material handling van LINDE en TOYOTA


  • Interne referentie:7939
  • Hefvermogen:2000 kg
  • Hefhoogte:125 mm
  • Doorrijhoogte:1207 mm
  • Bouwjaar:2021
  • Motor:Elektrisch
  • Functies:2
  • Banden:Polyurethane


Standard Equipment
Multifunction back lit instrument display
Key switch or Log in Pin code: ignition
Unique and intuitive 45° driving position (SP)
Safety zone operator‘s compartment with padded leg and
backrests with cushioned suspended platform (SP)
Dedicated work station (with storage compartments)
Innovative single handed Linde e-driver® control (SP)
Power assisted steering with speed proportional steering
Positive steering (drive wheel) feedback
Self-centring steering (SP)
Left handle bar (SP)
Automatic speed reduction when cornering
Standard power setting of max. speed 10 km/h
AC motor
Automatic braking
Electromagnetic emergency brake acting proportionally to
the load weight
Cushion drive wheel
Polyurethane active castor wheels
Polyurethane single load wheels
Foldable stand-on platform with side guards (AP)
Protection –10°C


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